Day 02 Graphics

I always underestimate the time it takes to do graphics. And this project is no exception. I spent over 90 minutes in Istockphoto looking for appropriate graphics. Then I downloaded comps and set up a header and a couple of ads that I can use on Google. Again, I was surprised that I spent about an hour, switching graphics in and out. Then finally buying the graphics I needed and replacing them in the items I had created.

End result: I have a header for the site, 3 versions of a 336×280 ad and the start of a 120×600 ad.

Naturally you could ask – WHY don’t I outsource this part, too? Because I didn’t know what I wanted. It’s very difficult to ask someone else to create graphics for you if you have no idea what you want. Yes, you could say “do whatever”, but I’m picky and it would cost me more to outsource, then redo several times, than it costs me in my time. Plus, it’s kinda fun! I’m not graphically talented, but I do know how to use a basic 10 commands in Fireworks, so it works. You can even see the results of my labor at!

Total Time: About two and a half hours

Day 01 Domain Name & Setup

Decided to do the giveaway for my birthday. I only have 3 days to get it all set up, so I’ll be moving at a quick pace.  So I first wanted to find a domain name that I can use: is taken, so I’m going with

Registered the domain and sent instructions to my webmaster to set it up. Generally I’ll ask him to

  • Set up domain on our server
  • Change DNS at the registrar
  • Install a blog at the top level so that I can put the optin page, “sales” page, about, and blog on it using MarketerCMS
  • Install a blog at /members – but this time I’ll use /guests since it’s a birthday party!
  • Set up our affiliate toolbox at /toolbox

Essentially, I’ll have him follow the Setup Checklist you’ll find right here in the members’ site.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to outline possible gifts to include in the giveaway. I think I have some really neat ideas!

Bonus idea: I will only use this domain once a year, obviously. So I’m thinking I will “rent” it to other people the other 11 months per year. Not sure yet what the price will be, but it bears considering.

Total time: About an hour

New GiveAway Project

My birthday is coming up so it seems like the ideal time for a giveaway event. Besides, since I’ll document the process for you, it will be a good learning experience as well. So check the Giveaway Diary on the left so you can see how I put together a giveaway – from idea to completion.

Step 2: Setup

This video is more than an hour long. So watch some, stop and do it, then keep playing. I’ve provided an easy-to-use table of contents to make it easier to find your plan. Plus, you’ll want to use the Setup Checklist to check off each step as you complete.

Watch the video – opens in new window